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International Credit Card Processing Information

Concerning Secure International Credit Card Transactions

Many Banking Institutions in Europe, the United Kingdom and elsewhere have special privacy rules. These institutions may offer their customers' International Credit Cards that are acceptable here in North America. These Banking Institutions also wish to keep their customers' privacy and security intact, including their customers' billing addresses.

Recently Credit Card Clearing Companies here in the USA have begun to offer acceptance of these "International" Credit Cards on a restricted basis. In order for us to process International Credit Cards here in the USA, it is required of us to make a billing address verification when your order is to be filled and credit card information is presented for authorization. We propose to comply with both sets of rules.

This is for your protection and the security of your personal credit card information. There are a number of ways for us to obtain acceptance of your International Credit Card. Any one of the following methods will suffice:

1) Have your Issuing Bank call us in the USA Toll Free

You can ask your Credit Card Issuing Bank to contact us by calling IndustrialComponent toll free in the USA at 1-877-446-8947 or +1-707-778-6299. We present your credit card information to your Bank and will ask for an address confirmation from them and/or an authorization (approval) code for your transaction. Most International Banks will do this at no extra charge to you, their credit card customer.

2) Have your Issuing Bank give us their USA or Canadian Toll Free Phone Number

You can refer us to your Issuing Bank's phone numbers here in the USA, toll free or not. We will be happy to call your Issuing Bank if possible and manually have the transaction secured with an authorization (approval) code. Most large International Issuing Banks have a North American phone number for their Credit Card Holders convenience.

3) You may send us a "Photo ID" with your address as it appears on your credit card statements

You can FAX us a copy of your Photo ID, usually a driver's license or passport with your photograph and address as it appears on your credit card statements. We do not recommend that you send this photo and address information by e-mail as e-mail information may not be secure.

Our International FAX Number is: +1-707-778-0776

Note that if you are using an American Express Card or Barclays' Bank Visa or Canadian National Bank Visa or Canadian National Bank MasterCard, these additional steps above may not be necessary. We will honor American Express, Barclays' Visa and most major Canadian Banks' Visa or MasterCard directly without these additional confirmations as these International Credit Card Issuers offer address verification through our Secure Credit Card Clearing System.

Concerning International Transactions with PayPal

We Accept Paypal Often it is much more convenient to pay for International orders with a PayPal account. This expedites your order and can save significantly on exchange rates and shipping delays - suggests that our International Customers obtain a PayPal account for payments of shipments into any part of Europe (EU).